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If you’ve ever asked any of these or similar questions, you will definitely be interested in Franciscan Living offerings.

Join with others who are dedicated to simple living, mindfulness, balance, simplicity, and relationship with Mother Earth and all her creatures. You are guaranteed insight, challenge, and conversation on living the Franciscan lifestyle.

Upcoming Programs

Program Descriptions

Individual Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a process that focuses on developing the relationship between you and the divine, individually or in a small group setting. A spiritual director helps you notice and respond to the presence, movement and invitation of the sacred in your life and prayer. Spiritual direction can help you learn to pray, listen for or notice God's activity, discern for decision-making, become aware of images of the divine that influence your relationships, and heal wounds or negative

life-patterns. Spiritual direction is not counseling or engaging in a therapeutic relationship but many find it a helpful companion process. 

Mini Retreats

While we often think of a retreat as lasting a week to a month or more, mini-retreats can make a big difference. Like an “Artists Date,” we offer time for contemplating for individuals and small groups from 90 minutes to one day. Add text regarding online and in-person conversations - for 90 minutes to one day.

Topics include:  

  • Awakening to Beauty

  • Dreams & Visions for a New Year

  • Falling Into the Heart of God

  • Praying With Sister Mother Earth

  • Taming Your Inner Tyrant

Sunny Backyard
Making Paper Craft Art
Soul Collage

Soul Collage® is a process which begins as simple creative fun. Through it, you become present to your unique and multi-faceted Soul in a new way, a way of imagery and imagination and intuition. In SoulCollage® one creates personal cards using collage (no need to be an “artist”).  


Over time, you will learn how to consult the hidden wisdom of your chosen imagery to access their energy. In time, working with your cards, you will witness parts of the body-mind becoming more peaceful and more effective in your life because they are now connected to the Soul. Many find their cards helpful in relationships with friends, family, and community, as well insightful in spiritual direction or therapy. 

Recreate a Life

Writing is an especially powerful process when applied to yourself! This unique program offers participants support towards writing their autobiographies. The result is new perspectives toward your life events, your gifts, relationships, and your future. Sharing this process in a small group expands your sense of self and support.

Notebook and Pen
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
Integrate the Franciscan Living Approach in Your Work

Looking for a more satisfying approach to your professional practice?   Discover a holistic way to integrate connection, community, compassion, creativity and consciousness by participating in our seminars designed for facilitators, trainers, counselors, teachers, life coaches, social workers, program directors, and all those interested in incorporating ancient mysticism into their service today.