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Why Donate?

Franciscan Living is a community of approximately 300 people per year, including our Board of Directors, who engage in programs and support services. Together, we support the organization through program fees and donations that provide scholarships and cover administrative costs. Because we are volunteer-driven, our operational budget is minimal with the majority of funds raised supporting participants. 

Holding Hands

Your gift enhances the Core Values of Franciscan Living:

  • Reverence for each person,

  • Respect and care for the environment,

  • Inclusion of diversity,

  • Compassion,

  • Dedication to peacemaking, and

  • Delivery of quality experiences to nurture the whole person.  


Your regular donation of:

- $10/month will support

two (2) Spiritual Direction Sessions per year.

- $50/month will support

ten (10) scholarships per year. 

- $100/month will support

twenty (20) scholarships per year.


One-time donations are also received with gratitude.


Register for Programs

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Part of our Mission is reach out to those who are spiritually or religiously marginalized, especially by lifestyle or income. To view sliding scale options, please use the buttons below.

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Franciscan Living is volunteer-driven to ensure that our offerings are accessible for all who are interested. Click the button below to get in touch.