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Pearl of Wisdom

"We did not weave the web of life;

We are merely a  strand in it.

Whatever we do to the web,

We do to ourselves."

Chief Seattle

Current Program
Lent/Easter Series
Christianity and the Signs of the Times

This series of prayer and conversations is based on Brian D. McLaren’s book, “Do I Stay Christian?” This 10-week program is occurring Wednesdays on Zoom.

What is Franciscan Living?

Drawing on the ancient mysticism evident in the lives of Francis and Clare of Assisi, who lived in conscious relationship with the earth, the elements, plants, animals, and people, we are dedicated to nurturing awareness of all the familial connections within our cosmos.

We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the meaning of  living a Franciscan lifestyle through support groups, classes, mini-retreats, individual spiritual direction, autobiographical writing, Soul Collage® and embodied prayer practices. These experiences assist participants and facilitators in deepening awareness, compassion, connection and care for all life. In person, we meet at the Urban Center for Spirituality located in Sacramento, California. Online, our offerings are available to all.  


Franciscan Living is an independent, nonprofit organization established in 2008. As a 501(c)(3), we are created for charitable purposes to welcome all, from the mainstream to the margins, who wish to journey with us. It is our privilege to offer partial and full program scholarships for those who face financial hardship, especially the unhoused, disabled, elderly, and women.

. . . a place where you can come in the middle of your busy life to find spiritual refreshment and renewal, whether for an hour’s informal gathering with others, for a private session of spiritual direction, or for a day-long retreat...

Why Donate?

Franciscan Living is a community of over 300 people who engage in transformative conversations, facilitation of workshops, programs, retreats and support services. Drawing upon the gifts of our Board of Directors, Executive Director and talented volunteers, we support the organization through program fees and donations that provide scholarships and cover administrative costs. Because we are mainly volunteer-driven, our operational budget is minimal with the majority of funds raised supporting participants. 
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